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April 29, 2020
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Computer Advice - Where To Find Help When You Need It

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The most up-to-date, well-maintained computer and the software loaded in your computer or laptop may also encounter errors. This is not uncommon. Don't forget that your computer is not a miracle but just a machine which will malfunction. How you address your computer's problems depends solely on the problem itself. However, there are certain resources and help options that you can keep in mind that you can avail of initially when faced with a computer error.

Help: Make full use of the Help files that come with your computer, the operating system, the loaded software and programs. These files are there for a reason. Most of these files are intuitive, helps you search for a particular keyword and address the problem. You do not need to be connected to the internet in order to access these files.

Product Support: Once you have used the Help files, you may need to go online or pick up the telephone. Product websites often have live support where you can discuss the problems and the errors that you are facing with their technical support and get help. If you are not able to go online, then there is always the customer service hotline to access to. Agreed, that these telephones mostly have long queues and needs a lot of patience to get through, but it is a sure shot way to get your problem heard.

Online Communities: There are dedicated online communities that discuss certain popular software. For Example, Microsoft Office Suit, Macromedia Flash, Captivate; all these have non-affiliated forums with users as members who discuss the typical problems that a user may come across and ways around those. There are online newsrooms and newsletters as well that log most common errors and help users find solutions to those.

Groups: There are computer support groups in your school, college, workplace or local libraries that meet at regular intervals and discuss computer errors and how to solve those. Make use of one such group, if you run out of options.

Local Salesperson: Don't forget the local salesperson or the store from which you got your computer or your software at the first place. You should be able to approach them with your problem. However it is important to note here that since most guarantees and warranties are covered by the manufacturer and the supplier chances are that the stores may refuse to assist directly or may charge you for their services. Remember to clarify all service clauses before you approach one.

So don't panic next time that you get repeated error messages, which you will get sometime or the other. Try using the help files or get involved with online communities. No one will judge you. All are learners and it is the experience that helps one help other. Even you can share your experience in such communities. Keep a log of the errors that you have faced and how you have corrected those. This will help you in future.


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