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August 1, 2020
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Cut Costs With The Implementation Of An Address Verification System

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Many people are unaware of the money it will cost them if they don't use an address verification system to make sure customer's addresses are up-to-date. Checking addresses regularly is one of the most important things a company can do to ensure they are not wasting funds on inefficient practices. It will also help streamline operations.

There are a lot of companies that lose a lot of money because of packages sent to the wrong place. According to a survey conducted by the US Post Office more than 22 percent of all mail is returned to sender because of a mistaken address. This means that the company is wasting paper, ink, postage, and all the hours the sales and design team may have put into the mailing. With an address verification system, these problems can be greatly if not completely eliminated.

Managing a database on your own can be fairly difficult. Consider a database with hundreds of thousands of names, phone numbers, and addresses. All of this information has to be current in order to be ensure that the right products make it to the right people.

The average person or family moves every three to five years. Keeping up with that much change is impossible on your own and what about when mistakes are made. Why not enlist the help of address verification software and free up your time to focus on your business.

With an address verification system, any company can update their database, almost whenever they want to, in real time. The software links the company database to the US Postal Service Data basing center. Whenever customers move, they must register with the USPS to get their mail. When this happens, the databases will link up and resolve the conflict.

This seemingly mundane software update can represent thousands of dollars spent on correct address fees and returned mail charges. Address verification is not only a program that makes sense, it saves time and money.

For every phone call that the service center makes dealing with an address issue, it could be working on the next sale. For every returned catalog, there could be a new order coming through. Your company could and should be working at optimum level to both reduce operating costs and maximize the return on investment.

Costs will be lowered and your ROI will increase with address verification. Simple processes like having correct information can make all the difference and increase your profit. And if you are able to automate the small things your business will operate in a much more efficient way.


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